Display 40e permits on your map

To display 40e permits on your map, write the coordinates of the permit into a .csv file, and import this file into Australian Geology Travel Maps – as per these details …

  • on a PC, download and open the 40e_permits.csv file – click here
  • replace the coordinates in the .csv file with the coordinates of your permit
    • add more rows if your permit has more than 4 corners
    • the first coordinate needs to be repeated in the final row
    • the id that you specify for a permit must be different to the id’s of all other permits, including permits that are already displayed in the app
  • save the .csv file, and email it to yourself
  • on your phone/tablet, open the email, tap on the .csv file, and then choose to open it with Australian Geology Travel Maps (look for thetrilobite icon)

Two 40e permits imported as a .csv file