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Features ..

  • No internet required in the field
  • Simplified and detailed geology maps for all of Australia
  • Landscapes are shown on all maps
  • Talking maps – the geology description is spoken when a boundary is crossed
  • Total magnetic intensity images for all states
  • Petroleum, mining & exploration leases (iPhone/iPad only)
  • access to 360+ Geological Survey of NSW phone maps
  • Photos of geological features and landscapes (Android only)
  • Bush-walking tracks shown with contours
  • Unsealed roads clearly shown – even when viewing large areas
  • Record your trail – walking and driving trails coloured differently
  • Import and use any MBTiles phone map – not just geology
  • Track the geology on flights across Australia

No internet is required in the field
Most importantly, the maps are stored on the phone or tablet so that the system works everywhere in Australia, without any requirement for mobile reception (except for the initial download of the app and your map, where WIFI is suggested). Note that for most of the area of rural Australia, mobile reception is either not sufficient to support a reliable data connection, or is non-existent, so this feature is critical. (Some extra less-critical features are available when you have internet – eg. google maps, google satellite imagery.)

Hear spoken updates on the geology while you drive
The app can speak to you, telling you whenever you pass over a geology boundary into a different rock unit type.  This familiarises you with the geology and landscapes surprisingly quickly.  This works not only for the Trilobite maps, but for any imported interactive phone map, for example geology maps imported from the Geological Survey of NSW.

Australian landscapes and geology
This app delivers a unique collection of maps covering the entire Australian continent. Geology and topography data are combined by the author to paint a picture of the landscape. This is supplemented by photos of scenery and rocks in the Android version, many of them kindly supplied by the state geological surveys.

Flinders Ranges, South Australia
Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Detailed Geological Survey maps
Western Australia 1:500k, South Australia 1:100k, Queensland 1:100k/1:250k, New South Wales ‘seamless’, Northern Territory 1:250k, Tasmania 1:25k/1:250k, and Victoria 1:50k/1:250k geology maps are available. Australian Geology Travel Maps is also the simplest and most effective system available for viewing maps created by the Geological Survey of NSW.

Total magnetic intensity images
You can download total magnetic intensity (TMI 1VD) images for all of the states.  In the iPhone app, you can overlay these as transparencies above the geology maps. The transparency value is fully adjustable via a slider near the bottom of the screen.

Petroleum, mining & exploration leases (iPhone/iPad only)
These are available for all states.

Named bush-walking tracks from Open Street Maps are clearly shown, and in addition to hill-shaded relief, contour lines are displayed, so that ascent and descent heights for walks are known.

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Caravaners & 4WD Owners
Country roads are displayed even when viewing large areas, with unsealed roads clearly marked, so that suitable routes can be chosen.

Avoid getting lost
The drawing of your current trail is available with one click. It is suggested that you use this whenever you start a bush-walk. It is easy to get disoriented when the weather or the lighting changes. If you are recording your trail, this will help you return to your start-point.

Record your day’s travel
At the beginning of the day, start recording your trail. Your driving and walking trails are automatically coloured differently, so at the end of the day, you have a clear record of your travels, including stops. You can add a description and then export the trail with a few clicks, and send it to friends, who can view it in Google Earth.

Import and use any MBTiles phone map
The app is also useful as a general MBTiles map viewing tool – not just geology maps. It will read any MBTiles format map – interactive or non-interactive.  Any maps created as interactive MBTiles format become talking maps with this app. It can be used for soil maps, vegetation maps, or any type of geographical map, and is not restricted to Australian maps.

Pass the time on long flights
If you are flying across Australia, book yourself a window seat, and run the app. As you fly over deserts and mountains, you will be able to view the plane’s location on the phone map and see what geology the landforms are made of. Note that GPS availability varies between planes and different quality phones.

Maximise battery life
When you are bush-walking, please put your phone into flight mode. This can very significantly extend your battery life.

Thanks to the government organisations – Australian and otherwise – that have released their data under a Creative Commons BY license. Without freely available quality data, this app would not have been created. And gratitude to the generations of dedicated field geologists that have walked, ridden and driven over the remotest parts of Australia collecting data that forms the basis of our knowledge of the evolution of the Australian continent. 

Australian Geology Travel Maps costs $AU11.99 per year. This is significantly less than the cost of just one printed geology map or a good tourist map.  The Apple subscription covers all your iPhones/iPads, and the Android subscription covers all your Android devices, for example, you might own a phone and a tablet. This pricing structure allows this system to be maintained and improved into the future. We recommend that you use the 1-week trial period to install the app, download your map of interest, and use in the field, or while driving around.

Warning about iPads
The WIFI-only version of the iPad Pro does NOT have GPS functionality. You need to purchase the ‘Cellular+WIFI’ iPad Pro, but you do NOT need to have a SIM inserted.

iPhone/iPad app

Android app

About Trilobite Solutions

The author of Australian Geology Travel Maps is a geologist and developer with 30 years experience in information technology, mainly in the areas of mining and geology, working in the mining and exploration industry and for Geoscience Australia and the Geological Survey of NSW.  He is now developing apps utilising a wealth of government data, made accessible via Creative Commons (BY) licenses.  This is one of the benefits of the ‘Open Data’ policy being implemented by federal and state governments in Australia.

Open Source
Trilobite Solutions uses and contributes to Open Source software.  This is used extensively in development and data management systems.  For example, Ubuntu (linux) running PostGIS (a spatial database) and QGIS (an excellent free geographic information system).  Many open source desktop applications are used in both the Mac OSX and Ubuntu operating systems.

Quality, Dependability & Simplicity
The driving design philosophies for all software developments are quality, dependability and simplicity. Apps need to make life simpler – and they must be totally reliable. The interface to Australian Geology Travel Maps is kept as simple as possible, and small hints guide the new user. Quality is the top priority in all aspects of development. Industry best practice defined by Google, Apple and the Open Source community are followed with all functionalities. And you are not on your own after you install the app – any stability issues with the app are reported to Trilobite Solutions via a Google error reporting system.

Field testing
Many, many hours of computer work has gone into the creation of the Australian Geology Travel Maps system, including the creation of the maps and the development of the Android and Apple apps, but to create a good field app requires first-hand experience in the field, and extensive testing in the environment that the app is designed for. Thousands of kilometres of driving and weeks of time have been spent in Tasmania, western Victoria, and outback New South Wales and South Australia, testing the app and taking photos of geology and road conditions.

We hope you develop a fascination for geology and landscapes, and you enjoy using Australian Geology Travel Maps in the truly great outdoors of Australia.  If you are reading this from overseas, come over and see for yourself!

David Collins
Geologist and Developer
Trilobite Solutions

Author and assistant, Barraranna Gorge, South Australia
Author and assistant, Barraranna Gorge, South Australia

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