Manage subscriptions

With the Australian Geology Travel Maps app, you only need to purchase one subscription to cover either all of your Apple devices or all of your Android devices. It is useful to have it installed on a tablet as well as your phone.  The larger tablet screen is better for your general map-viewing experience when at home or in the office, whereas your phone is more portable in the field.  Or you may even choose to use a small tablet in the field.

Check your subscriptions using your Android phone or tablet ..

  • Run the ‘Play Store‘ app
    • tap the menu icon at the top left of the screen (3 horizontal bars)
    • tap ‘Subscriptions‘ on the sub-menu that appears

Check your subscriptions using your iPhone or iPad ..

  • Run the ‘Settings‘ app
    • tap ‘iTunes and App Store
    • tap on your Apple ID
    • tap on ‘View Apple ID
    • you may need to enter your password at this point
    • tap on ‘Subscriptions