Peter Brace
Your app has helped me become a better prospector trying to find gold with a metal detector. It’s made me aware of the ground changes, helped me visualise and be conscious of the changes in colours of the soil, be aware of following the faults and dykes. All this while in the field on the ground in real time, is the best learning tool  I now have.

Patrick Nelson
Impressed with the Trilobite Solutions App, which I use in remote parts of central Australia to search for invertebrate fossils. You might be amused to know that the very first time I used it, in August 2019, I actually did find a trilobite fossil. How good!

Steve Dent
Awesome app for prospecting and educational.

Chris Cook
Excellent App, the creator replies almost instantly to suggestions and issues. Quality geology allows you to know exactly what geology you are on all the time.

Andrew Campbell
This is the most comprehensive and versatile App I have found for my needs. I prospect and detect for gold all over Australia and use it to extensively research locations before I arrive at my destinations, then it’s used in the field to pinpoint these areas of interest. The Australian Geology App is so portable and has the great advantage that it can be used in those remote areas where there is no internet. Besides using this App for gold prospecting I’m constantly using it on a daily basis when I’m travelling around Australia. What a great education tool. The developer has created the perfect App and is to be congratulated. I can thoroughly recommend it to anybody who is travelling Australia.

Robert Delastic
Being a retired Petroleum Geoscientist I spend a lot of time hiking and of course looking at the geology. This App is perfect as it fulfils all my needs by providing GPS based geological maps. The maps are interactive with pop up windows providing reasonable formation descriptions. I have very quickly developed an understanding of the geology in northern NSW. All together a MUST HAVE tool for anybody with an interest in Aussie Field Geology.

Joan Henley
The easy map-downloads and intuitive design are an absolute joy. This app adds more interest to a road trip with friends who are curious about landscape formation. The talking geology is great for geological reconnaissance when driving and Australia wide coverage in the one app is a boon.

Famo59, YouTuber
You definitely won’t be disappointed downloading and paying for this App.,
A must for finding Legal Pending Ground in Western Australia Goldfields and up dated daily .. I found gold every time using this app only..!!.. even in Victoria Goldfields.

Paul Van Dijk
Absolutely fantastic! Excellent value, very accurate product and great customer service by developer. Highly recommended this app for any keen fossicker to put you on the right ground for what you may be seeking to find. Excellent GPS with no phone reception, great for in the field.

Nicholas Minett
Brilliant app for field work as a prospector. The old timers would have loved a tool this easy to use . This app is now the basis of my research and planning and live tracking when I am in the field. Exceptional.

Katherine Martin
I’ve tried all kinds of apps but yours is, HANDS DOWN, the best & most reliable anywhere!! Everything I wanted & needed. All in the one program. Reliable & accurate. Just perfect!!
Thank you.

Willow Willow
Awesome app! To have someone gather all the available information and put it in one easy to use app is a massive time saver when researching. Worth every cent!

Paul M
Thank you so much. Here’s a pic of an 8.14g nugget I found whilst using your app. Cheers.