Instructional videos

Overview of Australian Geology Travel Maps (16 mins)

Use overlays in Australian Geology Travel Maps (6 mins)
Important functionality not covered in the video above.

Transfer your trails to another phone (4 mins)
Use this technique to BACKUP your trails and locations to your email system, also.

Import trails & locations from Google Earth (4 mins)
Also shows how to create trails and locations in Google Earth

Use QGIS to save satellite imagery for your phone (8 mins)
Note: Recently Maptiler has become unreliable for testing MBTiles files.  Copy them to your phone to test, instead. 
URL for satellite imagery:{x}&y={y}&z={z}
Choose a small area – resultant .mbtiles file should be no more than about 1 GB

Create MBTiles files from WMS feeds (last 5 mins of video)
URL for WMS supplied by Geological Survey of WA:
Display scale bar:  From menu, View -> Decorations -> Scale bar 

Create a grid to manage your workings (7 mins)
URL for satellite imagery:{x}&y={y}&z={z}
Note: This system does not work on Android devices with less than 2GB RAM
To set all grid coordinates to whole numbers, set the project CRS to the required UTM projection and after choosing ‘Use canvas extent’ remove all decimal points
eg. Grid extent:  337404,338369,6805642,6806307 [EPSG:32751]

Create an MBTiles map from a GeoTIFF map, using Maptiler (2 mins)
Additionally, MapTiler can convert ECW, JPEG200, GeoPDF and more formats to MBTiles.
Important: Choose JPEG format in ‘Advanced’ options to avoid problem with missing tiles when viewing generated MBTiles map on iPhones and iPads.

Convert a way-points CSV file to GeoJSON, using QGIS (7 mins)

View of the demo CSV file in a spreadsheet
View of the demo CSV file in a spreadsheet

You can also convert a Shape file, GPX, KML or Mapinfo file to Geojson, using this technique – just a bit easier.

Copy your MBTiles map to your Android phone/tablet with a USB cable (4 mins)

Copy your MBTiles map to your iPhone/iPad with a USB cable (3 mins)
In Mac OSX 10.15 and newer, use Finder (then files tab) to copy .mbtiles files to your iPhone/iPad.