Recommended hardware

We favour the iPhone for Australian Geology Travel Maps because the operating system is more reliable than Android, and the hardware less variable.

At the time of writing, there are new iPhone 6’s available in Australia for less than $500. These are not the latest version of iPhone but have sufficient hardware to run Australian Geology Travel Maps well.

Note that subscriptions purchased on Android devices cannot be transferred to Apple devices. If you replace an Android phone/tablet with an iPhone/iPad, you need to cancel your Android (Google Play) subscriptions, and buy new Apple ( iTunes) subscriptions. See for more details.

Example new iPhone for sale :
iPhone 6s – $447 from Officeworks –

Warning: WIFI-only iPads do not have GPS – therefore cannot determine your location when you are in the field.

We also recommend that you buy a shockproof gel/silicon/rubber protector for your device – easily sourced on eBay.

If buying an Android phone, ensure that it has at least 32 GB of storage and 2 GB RAM. Note that some Chinese-made Android phones are problematic – eg. ZTE85, ZTE84