#1 – DO THIS FIRST (whatever the problem is) ..
Operating system update ..
Android – run the ‘Settings’ app, tap ‘System’, tap ‘Advanced’, tap ‘System update’ and apply an update to the operating system if one is available
Apple – run the ‘Settings’ app, tap ‘General’, tap ‘Software update’. If an update is displayed, tap ‘Download and install’.

#2 – App is laggy, unresponsive
– you probably have accumulated too many trails (or less likely, too many locations)
– ALL trails and locations are held in memory while the app is running, hence the app can get short of memory if you have too many
– backup your trails and locations to CSV if you have not already done so – see
– delete trails/locations that you no longer need

#3 – Charged twice for a subscription
– good news – this is not possible in Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store
– tap the MENU icon (3 bars) then tap ‘My subscriptions’
– note carefully which subscriptions you have purchased
– all app users require the App subscription
– see Manage subscriptions for more information

#4 – GPS location problems
– WiFi-only iPads do not have GPS hardware so will not locate you in the field
– with iPhones/iPads, run the ‘Settings’ app and check that the Trilobite app has access to your location ALWAYS
– with Android phones/tablets, run the ‘Settings’ app and check that the Trilobite app has access to your location
– with some phones, run the ‘Settings’ app, and tap ‘Location’ – there may be a battery-saving setting that prevents the GPS being used. Ensure that this is not set.
–  in the ‘Settings’ app, tap ‘Location’, then ‘Location mode’ and turn on GPS device ONLY (fixed problem on a ZTE)
– see if the blue circle appears at the correct location in the ‘Google Maps‘ / ‘Apple Maps‘ app
– install the ‘GPS status & toolbox app, then run the app outside to check that your GPS is connecting to multiple satellites – go to Apple install or Android install – then see video #11 at for help with running the app

#5 – Android phone or tablet won’t download large maps (> 2GB)
– ZTE (Telstra tough) phones and possibly Hauwei phones have this problem
– there is a get-around – please use the ‘Contact Us’ form to report the problem

#6 – iPhone/iPad cannot connect to the internet
– ‘Manage downloads’ displays ‘List not available – do you have an internet connection?’
– first check that other apps can connect to the internet – if so go to the next step
– In the ‘Settings‘ app, tap ‘Mobile‘ and check that your Trilobite app is enabled

#7 – Problems downloading maps, generally
– restart your phone
– do a general search (eg. ‘kelpie’) on your phone to ensure that you have an internet connection – make sure that photos appear in the results as well as text
– check that you have sufficient spare storage space on your device or SD card
– test with one of the smallest maps in the ‘Manage downloads’ list
– if failing with WIFI – switch off WIFI and try downloading using your mobile data
– if failing while using mobile data – switch off mobile data and connect to WIFI where you can (eg. a library)

#8 – ‘Error while retrieving information from server df-dferh-01’
– this error occurs on Android devices only
– run the ‘Play Store‘ app, tap your photo at the top right, then ‘Manage apps and device’. If there are any updates pending for any Google services or apps, then update them.
– run the ‘Settings‘ app, tap ‘Apps and Notifications’, then ‘See all apps’, then tap ‘Google Play services’, then ‘Storage and Cache’ and clear the storage and the cache.

Need to change to a new Apple ID because the email address will no longer work
– good news – you can keep using your old Apple ID
– simply change the contact email address for the old Apple ID

Your ‘Contact Us’ request has not been replied to within 24 hours
– you probably typed your email address wrongly
– submit another request – ensuring you have entered the correct email address

Still need help ? Contact Us