Charged twice for a subscription
– good news – this is not possible in Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store
– tap the MENU icon (3 bars) then tap ‘My subscriptions’
– note carefully which subscriptions you have purchased
– all app users require the App subscription
– see Manage subscriptions for more information

GPS problems
– WiFi-only iPads do not have GPS hardware so will not locate you in the field
– with iPhones/iPads, in ‘Settings’ check that the Trilobite app has access to your location ALWAYS
– with Android phones/tablets, in ‘Settings’ check that the Trilobite app has access to your location
– with some phones, under ‘Settings’ -> ‘Location’ there may be a battery-saving setting that prevents the GPS being used. Ensure that this is not set.
– install GPS status & toolbox to check your GPS: Apple / Android

Android phone or tablet won’t download large maps (> 2GB)
– ZTE (Telstra tough) phones and possibly Hauwei phones have this problem
– there is a get-around – please use the ‘Contact Us’ form to report the problem

Problems downloading any sized map
– check that you have sufficient spare storage space on your device or SD card
– test with small maps when trying to get the download working
– if failing with WIFI – switch off WIFI and try downloading using your mobile data
– if failing while using mobile data – switch off mobile data and connect to WIFI where you can (eg. a library)

Need to change to a new Apple ID because the email address will no longer work
– good news – you can keep using your old Apple ID
– simply change the contact email address for the old Apple ID

Your ‘Contact Us’ request has not been replied to within 24 hours
– you probably typed your email address wrongly
– submit another request – ensuring you have entered the correct email address

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